A tiny little ghost

Half marathon training has commenced! I switched from the beginner marathon training plan to first timer marathon training plan from the Runner’s World Challenge website. Can’t really tell ya why, but it has more weekly mileage on it. Yesterday was XT/rest, and I ended up resting. The family was going out to eat and then I had homework. College sucks the free out of free time.

However, I can’t figure out how I should track my progress. There are so many options. Before/after pictures, measurements, food log, the scale, weekly goals in a calendar, blogging….(Oh wait, I got the last one.)

(This girl is having way too much fun measuring.) how much fun

I think all options promote changing for the better, and therefore it’s kind of a “different strokes for different folks” situation. However, I am a little cautious in what I choose.

My caution stems from my personal struggle with a distorted body image and disordered eating patterns. That’s a really fancy way of saying “I had issues without being diagnosed with an eating disorder”. Although I consider it in my past, obviously I still haven’t mastered diet and exercise. I’m just simply more forgiving to myself now. And my goals have shifted their priorities. Even though sometimes I am haunted with temptation to cross the line back into my past, so far I have stood strong. It’s like a tiny little ghost peeping at me from behind a corner. It’s there, but I don’t give it the time of day.

Therefore, I am going to need to figure out a way to track my results that will promote healthy progress, both emotional and physical.

As of right now, my accountability will be following this training program and having fun doing it. I’m looking forward to being able to run 5 miles again while looking great. I really miss being a runner.

What’s your thoughts on accountability?


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