Fear is a generous man.

This past week was brimming with answers to prayers, prayers that I didn’t even necessarily pray but were swirling in my mind. Within a two day period I found my wedding ceremony venue, my reception venue & my dress. All were affordable and perfect for me. Right after that, in another two day period, I found my running goal, training plan & running mantra.

It was a good week.

I discovered my running goal yesterday morning when my future brother-in-law, Jordan, created a group text and invited me along with other family members to compete in the Akron relay race. We will cover the distance of a marathon, expect the distance will be split up into 5 legs. I ended up with the distance of 4.8 miles, the second leg.

I am going to take advantage of a product by Runners World to help me train. At http://www.runnersworld.com/challenge you can choose the marathon training plan or the half marathon training plan and receive training advice and support for your plan. I have read that the trick to speed is endurance. If I can run double or triple the distance of my leg, than my time should increase than if I was simply training for 5 miles over and over again. It’s not like I don’t have time, my race isn’t until September 27!

Finally, my training motto:

“Human beings are made up of flesh and blood, and a miracle fiber called courage.”

 –George Patton

I am a very fearful person. And Fear is a generous man. He has given me many sleepless nights because I was afraid someone might break in at night. He gives me plenty of doubts, so that I can back out in case I fail. He has given me a multitude of hurtful words to say in case someone wounds my pride or breaks down my walls. And he’s always there to explain to me why my goals are lofty, stupid or dangerous.


“You really think you can afford getting married and moving out?”

“You really think your going to be able to keep up this whole horse thing? Give it up, life and kids and jobs are going to take it away from you anyway, just give it up right now before you get hurt or physically harmed.”

“Your going to run how much? Running outside is dangerous anyway. Girls get abducted all the time. Stick to the treadmill and the gym, be safe. Do 2-3 miles and be done.”

I don’t really know who Courage is yet. I don’t know what he’s like. But I’m willing to find out.


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