A Winter Short Run

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Well, I broke the silence. I completed my first run, and although it wasn’t yesterday morning like I planned, it was still a major success.

After a Saturday spent running errands, stressing out about wedding plans, and overall feeling exhausted under the weight of many obligations, I spontaneously decided that I wasn’t going to let myself down this weekend. Blogging, I have found, is a great way to keep yourself accountable. Even though I copped out running in the time frame I planned, it wasn’t too late to make up for it.

I decided that instead of listening to music I would enlist an equally out of shape companion. This companion was my 8 year old miniature schnauzer Snoop Dog (yep…that happened. We call him Noop for short). I couldn’t find his collar or leash, so I grabbed a chain and a lead rope I purchased today for my mule Dan. 1200 lb mules….25 pound schnauzers…it’s all the same, really.

I’m not going to lie; it was not pretty. My bare ears and fingers stung from the bitter air. My mouth hung open as I was sucking in air like a fish gasping on a dock. I could taste copper in my mouth, a weird thing I experience when I’m out of breath and out of shape. However, the presence of Noop really helped.

There is something so special about running with your dog. You don’t need words, or laughs, or looks to share the joy of running. Nor are you disrupting their workout if you need to walk for ten feet before picking up the pace again. We simultaneously kept focus while taking in the crispy snow and gorgeous pale sky.

Anxiety tends to collect inside my rib cage like dew collecting on a blade of grass, but enjoying an activity with an animal friend always seems to make me feel better. It is very encouraging to know that I have a running partner who is going to bring so much energy and joy to every run. And I have resolved that if I can run in the winter, then I can definitely keep up the work this summer.

If anyone has any comments or tips for running with your canine companion, please share here!

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