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Hello there!

My name is Abby. I am a part time runner, a full time dreamer and in my down time I’m a wishful thinker. I am a marketing intern and the social media content manager for White Oval Stickers. 

Here’s a brief summary my running career (:

When I was little, I was obsessed with race horses. I loved race horse movies and read horse books all the time. I argued with my dad about whether or not Man O’ War could have beat Secretariat (Man O’ War would have smoked him, by the way). My cousins and I would pretend to be horses and we would race all the time.

When I was in 6th grade I was playing soccer and one of my guy friend’s dad told my dad that I was a really fast runner and should do cross country like Derek. So in 7th grade I ran cross country for my middle school and later that night I would play soccer too (I was exhausted, haha). I did pretty good.

I continued playing sports but dropped cross country until after 9th grade, when I traded in sports for violin lessons and theater auditions. But for about 3 months I would wake up at 5 a.m to run in the gym before school.

I went to Liberty University, and my freshman year I would dutifully wait outside in the cold for the bus to go to the gym during the winter, and run there in the fall and spring. Actually, one of my favorite memories is running on the liberty outdoor track at sunset. Liberty’s campus is right on the side of the mountain, and the view is gorgeous. Plus the Virginia atmosphere is like a cushion against your skin.

Running actually is part of the reason I went back there my sophomore year. Freshman year was full of so much drama that I almost didn’t return, but I thought maybe if I tried out for the cross country team I could make new friends, branch out, and enjoy myself better. However, I was completely delusional, and didn’t make it because the slowest girl on the team could run a 5k under 20 minutes and my fastest time was 24. But sophomore year was the year I met my best friends irregardless of being on the cross country team. And my junior year I found both God and the love of my life, Justin.

The spring of my junior year, Amanda my roommate and I ran 3 times a week and got up to 8 miles. I remember how 5 miles was my favorite run, I felt so good and fit and fast! I loved sprinting the last quarter of a mile to our dorm.

My senior year to get back into running I took a running class by a guy named Dr. David Horton. He’s a great guy, but I hated how the class sapped the spontaneity of running for me. I just wanted to run when I felt like it and how much I felt like, I didn’t care about keeping track of mileage. So I bailed. It’s actually one of my greatest regrets of my college career. I totally missed out on a chance to grow!

As you can see, my running career has ebbed and flowed. It is my desire to discipline myself and make running a part of my life on a consistent basis. I am a novice runner and a novice marketer, working my way up to become an expert in both fields!

What I like about White Oval Stickers is how it can constantly evolve to  discover innovative ways to connect other runners with their achievements. To be able to physically touch that moment they crossed the finish line in the form of sticker sounds simple, even silly, but the potential for creativity and innovation is endless!

I hope I will get to converse with and share with other bloggers that share my same heart for running and creativity (:



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